Instructions for RAC Survey Results  


Note: These instructions are also available in PDF format: How to Use the RAC Surveys Database


1.  RAC Surveys of Practice can be viewed organized By Year, By State, or By Category.  To change the view, click on a radio button in the “Show by” row at the top of the page. 
2.  Within these views, you can see All surveys, or make a selection from the drop-down menu to view a subset of these records by individual year, state, or category. 
3.  The RAC Surveys of Practice database has an enhanced search feature, so that you can search specifically within the surveys, rather than sitewide.  Type your search word into the box and click “Go” to search.  Clicking on the “X” button will clear the search term so you can search using another term.  Note: The search feature works within “All” surveys and within any subset of the surveys.  For best results, make sure you are searching within “All” surveys.
4.  Survey records can be sorted by clicking on column headings to refine the order in which they are shown.  The following column headings are clickable: Title (alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order), Sponsor State (alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order), and Date (chronological and reverse chronological order).  Click once for alphabetical or chronological order; click again to reverse the order.


Go to RAC Surveys of Practice Database


5.  To get your survey results posted in the RAC Surveys of Practice Database, send an e-mail to Natassja Linzau ( with the following information:
  • Title of survey
  • One or two paragraphs describing the survey, including when survey was conducted (Month, Day, Year)
  • An attached file with survey results (MS Word or Excel spreadsheet or PDF)
  • Your contact information


We welcome your additions.