RAC Transportation Knowledge Networks Task Force

Transportation Knowledge Networks (TKN). The TKN Task Force serves as a forum to develop the concept, understanding, and application of transportation knowledge networks for the transportation sector. The TKN Task Force advocates and supports the rapid and efficient exchange of information resources through development of strategies and the innovative use of technology.

What Is a Knowledge Network?
A Knowledge Network is a voluntary alliance of organizations and people, supported by technology, with a common goal to provide and share rich, quality information and expertise.

Knowledge Networks identify and develop strategies to engage and influence decision makers directly, and to present the network's knowledge in a way that transforms policy and practice.  Networks strengthen the capacity for knowledge sharing and communications in and across all member organizations, and support the creation and implementation of new knowledge.  Knowledge Networks easily link information providers to users wherever they are located.

The TKN is a dynamic collaborative alliance involving departmental, organizational, and nationwide entities. The TKN supplies end-users with connections to print and digital resources and human expertise. The network provides transportation policy makers and practitioners; researchers and educators; systems designers and operators; librarians; data managers; information owners and providers; and the public; with access to high quality information resources in a convenient, timely, and cost-effective manner. The TKN will help preserve knowledge and reduce duplication of effort within the transportation community by improving access to transportation information, and building and retaining knowledge.

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