​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the SCOR/RAC Website


This website is intended as a resource fo​r the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) and its Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

The site has two main purposes:

  • For new RAC and SCOR members, the site serves as an orientation tool, providing background information and quickly showing new members how to become full participants in committee activities.
  • For all members, the site is a reference tool that documents operational procedures, membership rosters, coming events, links to other sites, and current committee activities.



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What's New

Peer Exc​hange Report​ udpate: new report from Idaho DOT (4/21/16)

RAC Mentoring G​uidelines document recently updated (4/11/16)

SC​OR Roster update: Remove Roger Healy (AK) (4/8/2016)

Submenus added to the main navigation. (4/8/2016)

Peer Exchange Report​ udpate: new report from Ohio DOT (3/21/16)

SCOR Roster​ updates: Add Rodger Rochelle (NC) (3/4/16)

2016 National RAC and TRB State Reps Meetin​g​ website launched  ​​​

Technical Report Documentation​ updated documents (3/2/16)

RAC Roster updates: Replacements in VT--Jonathan Razinger (VT) and Joseph Segale (VT); a​dd Brian Worrell (IA) and Vanessa Goetz (IA): remove Christopher Jolly (2/25/16)

SCOR Roster updates: Add Tanisha Hall (TN), Roger Healy (AK), and Cameron Kergaye (UT) and remove Leni Oman (WA) (2/16/16)

RAC Roster updates: Add David Jared (GA) as Vice Chair and add Zona Kahkonen Keppler (OH) and William Barstis (MS) (2/16​/16)



Payments on Research Projects by Deliverables(4/27/2016)

Construction Contracts(4/12/2016)

Work Zone Intrusion Alert Technologies(4/8/2016)

Cracking of Concrete Bridge Deck Curbs(3/28/2016)

Electronic CADD Document Management System (3/22/2016)

Precast Concrete Barrier (3/15/2016)

Waterproofing​ Membranes for Bridge Decks (3/10/2016)

Finger Joint Bridge Maintenance​ (3/10/2016)

Heavy Equipment on Bridges During Construction​ (3/4/2016)

Land Mobile Radio Systems (3/4/2016)

Maintenance of Roadways During Construction Operations (3/4/2016)

Specifications for Bridge and Approach Smoothness (3/4/2016)