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This website is intended as a resource for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) and its Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

The site has two main purposes:

  • For new RAC and SCOR members, the site serves as an orientation tool, providing background information and quickly showing new members how to become full participants in committee activities.
  • For all members, the site is a reference tool that documents operational procedures, membership rosters, coming events, links to other sites, and current committee activities.

2014 National RAC and TRB State Representatives Meeting

Final Agenda and Meeting Materials Now Available


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What's New

RAC Roster updates: Added Lori Richter (WI); Removed Daniel Yeh (WI) and Marguerite (Peg) Lafky (WI) (10/16/14)

RAC Pending Surveys Spreadsheet (Last update: 10/16/14)

Research Implementation Status Definitions survey results are now available (10/16/14)

Use of Wildlife Crossing Features Criteria survey results are now available (10/16/14)

Quick Clearance of Roads survey results (10/8/14)

Updated Map of U.S. Highway Research Organzation Relationships (10/2/14)

Bond Term Survey results are now available (10/1/14)

Bicycles and Rumble Strips survey results (9/30/14)

RAC Mentoring Program page with new Mentoring Guidelines document (9/5/14)

2014 Research Makes the Difference brochure in Print and Web versions (7/16/14)