Welcome to the SCOR/RAC Website

This website is intended as a resource for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) and its Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

The site has two main purposes:

  • For new RAC and SCOR members, the site serves as an orientation tool, providing background information and quickly showing new members how to become full participants in committee activities.
  • For all members, the site is a reference tool that documents operational procedures, membership rosters, coming events, links to other sites, and current committee activities.


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What's New

RAC Pending Surveys Spreadsheet (Last update: 4/9/15)

U.S. Bicycle Routes survey results are now available (4/9/15)

RAC Roster updates: Added Supriya Kamatkar and Binh Bui (GA) (3/30/15)

Update to Survey of Transportation Library Services results are now available (3/17/15)

SCOR Roster updates: Removed Mary Lynn Tischer (FHWA) (3/12/15)

Cleaning of Finger Joint Bridges survey results (2/3/15)

Updated Map of U.S. Highway Research Organzation Relationships with hyperlinks to specific organizations (1/9/15)

NCHRP's 2014 Summary of Progress is now available (1/5/15)

Evaluating Implementation of NCHRP Products: Building on Successful Practices recently published (1/5/15)

Use of Centerline Rumble Strips survey results (12/18/14)

Soil Properties/GIS Survey results (12/11/14)

AASHTO Technical Service Programs (TSPs) survey results (12/11/14)

Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents survey results (12/11/14)

Contracting TSM&O-related ITS Devices/Systems and their Deployment, Operation, and Maintenance survey results (12/11/14)

Culvert Replacement: Pneumatic Pipe Bursting survey results (11/5/14)

Online Training Modules for Contract Managers survey results (10/23/14)

Research Strategic Plan survey results (10/22/14)

Research Implementation Status Definitions survey results (10/16/14)

Use of Wildlife Crossing Features Criteria survey results (10/16/14)

Quick Clearance of Roads survey results (10/8/14)

RAC Mentoring Program page with new Mentoring Guidelines document (9/5/14)