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Title: Engineering Policy Guides
Date of Survey: 8/2/2016
Survey Detail/Results: Background
A special team within MoDOT will be looking closely at our Engineering Policy Guide (currently available as a wiki at in order to validate our current approach, or recommend process, structure, or software alternatives.

We would like to get a better understanding of how other state DOTs approach (or publish) their electronic (or online) engineering policies, defined loosely as design guidance, division manuals, policy and procedure manuals, etc.

Questions (provide URLs when appropriate)
1. What program or software does your agency use to store or publish the policies or manuals (e.g. Sharepoint)?
2. What type of policy, manual or guidance content do you publish?
3. How is the information structured (e.g. like a wiki)?
4. Is the content ownership centralized or decentralized?
a. If centralized, do you identify Divisional owners of the content?
5. What medium or formats do you use (e.g. HTML, PDF)?
6. What historical information does your agency keep and publish?
a. If you keep previous versions, are they archived separately or in the same location?
7. Are the documents searchable?
a. If so, can you search both current guidance and archived information?
b. If both are searchable from a single point, how do you differentiate between the current policy versus archived results?
8. What challenges have you experienced with your policy or manual publishing approach?
9. Are you aware of any innovative approaches or strategies for publishing this type of information?

Please provide a contact name for follow-up questions.

Fourteen agencies responded. Information from an additional 7 states was added based on visiting their websites for a total of 19 states and 1 Canadian province.

Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Missouri DOT and sent out by Bill Stone, Research Administrator, Missouri DOT on behalf of the following:

Llans Taylor
Innovations Engineer, DE
Missouri Dept. of Transportation
105 W Capitol, PO Box 270
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Missouri DOT
Renee McHenry
Transportation Librarian
1617 Missouri Blvd.
Jefferson City, Missouri
United States
Phone: (573) 522-1948
E-Mail Address: