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Title: Thick Overlays on Concrete Bridge Decks
Date of Survey: 9/13/2016
Survey Detail/Results: The Utah Department of Transportation is seeking responses from other state DOTs to the questions below regarding thick overlays on concrete bridge decks. The survey should be directed to your Materials or Structures divisions or others in your agency who work with bridge deck overlays.

Background: On a UDOT bridge deck rehabilitation project, the plan is to remove an approximately 6-inch thick asphalt overlay, make minor repairs to the concrete bridge deck, and place a new 6-inch overlay on the deck to meet the adjacent concrete pavement and sidewalk curbs. Over the past several years, the existing asphalt overlay on the deck has developed significant cracking and potholes due to poor drainage in the deck area. Since the asphalt overlay did not perform well on this deck before, we are looking for alternative deck overlay systems that should perform better under these conditions. Polyester concrete was a viable option for the new deck overlay until it was discovered that the existing overlay was so thick.


1. What innovative and cost-effective methods/products has your state DOT used for thick overlays (about 6 inches) on concrete bridge decks where there is poor drainage? (We are specifically interested in alternatives to a full-depth asphalt overlay, possibly something lighter-weight as well.)

2. How have these thick overlay systems performed on your bridge deck projects?

3. Do you have any related research results that you could share?

4. What is the contact information for individuals in your agency who UDOT could contact for additional information on successful projects dealing with thick overlays on concrete bridge decks?

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Utah DOT
David Stevens
Project Manager
Utah DOT Research Division
4501 South, 2700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
Phone: 801-859-8340
E-Mail Address: