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Title: Successful Practices for Dealing with Deer Disposal in Urban Areas
Date of Survey: 10/11/2016
Survey Detail/Results: The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (SHA) is faced with the on-going challenge of disposing of deer in urban areas. Over the years District staff have tried a number of options including chilled storage lockers, investigating the use of a crematory, partnering with counties for storage space, partnering with locals zoos to provide meat for large animals, and composting. All of these showed promise or were used at one time however; each has its own challenges. For example, the chilled storage locker required a lot of maintenance and became cost prohibitive. Composting of deer is in use in some of SHA’s Districts, however, we have been unable to identify land in urban areas that is a sufficient distance from homes and businesses.

We appreciate that this issue is not unique to our state so we are hoping that others have identified successful practices for dealing with deer disposal in urban areas. Could you please forward this email to your Chief Engineer or an urban District Engineer to see if they have any best practices or ideas that they would be willing to share with us? Please send all responses to Sharon Hawkins at by Friday, October 21st.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Survey results are available in the following document(s):
Contact Information: This survey was conducted by Maryland State Highway Administration
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Deputy Director, Office of Policy and Research
Maryland Department of Transportation
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