Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

Manual of Scientific Approaches to Transportation Research

Developed through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, the two-volume Manual of Scientific Approaches to Transportation Research presents the principles of scientific enquiry in the context of transportation problems. It has been written for transportation agency personnel who perform or supervise research, though it will also be useful to people conducting transportation research in other work environments such as universities and consulting.

The principal audience for the manual comprises agency personnel with a college or university education, but with no formal training in research. The manual describes all phases of research activities from identification of research needs, through execution of the research, to evaluation and audit.

Also included in the manual is a Library for the research manager with PDF versions of many of the papers referenced in both volumes as well as PDF versions of other useful articles on conducting research, an annotated list of freeware available on the Internet for data management, and a glossary of common terms used in research and statistics.