Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

AASHTO Committee Research Help Guides

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Work Group on AASHTO Committee Outreach determined that due to the 2017 reorganization of the AASHTO committee structure, the transportation community would benefit from a series of “How To” documents that can provide guidance on carrying out specific research tasks. These documents will provide a high-level view of the various processes that may be leveraged to advance any research funded program.

Who Developed the “How To” Documents and What Are They

Members from the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) community developed the documents to articulate and provide instructions on topics that could be of interest to AASHTO committees. The “How To” documents give step-by-step instructions and provide useful information that can be leveraged to advance a research program.

Current “How To” Documents

The interactive figure below depicts the topics covered in the “How To” series. Click on a circle to view its corresponding document.

AASHTO Committee Resources

Writing a Strategic Plan Writing a Problem Statement Funding Resources Experimental Features Sharing Results Implementing Results Determining the Value of Research Monitoring Results Committee Approach to Research

Resources Available

There are extensive resources in every state DOT as well as throughout the research community that may provide guidance when needed.