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AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

CCTF Transportation Knowledge Networks (TKN) Working Group Document Library 

Transportation Knowledge Networks 10 Years after TRB Special Report 284
TKN Working Group RAC Information Resources

Climate Change Support

Climate Change Invitation Template
Guidance for Climate Change (Updated 8/11)

Data Resources

AASHTO Data Information Recommendations
AASHTO Metadata Subcommittee Research Agenda
AASHTO Information Services Presentation (PDF)
AASHTO Information Services Presentation (PPT)
Increasing Information Access: Librarians as Data Brokers

Examples of Benefit

Bridge Maintenance and TKNs
Economic Benefits of Sharing Transportation Knowledge
Finding the Information You Want When You Want It
Now and with TKN: Comparison
TKN Attributes
TKN Example
Traffic Congestion and TKNs
Transportation Knowledge Management–Expanding Benefits
Why Do We Need TKNs?
Role of the TKN
Why Use an Information Professional


Glossary for Findability and Controlled Vocabularies
Information Groupings

NCHRP 20-75 Resources

Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks
Implementing TKNs: SCOH Talking Points
NCHRP Report 643 — Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks
The TKN Ten: Ten Functions of TKN that Need Funding
Transportation Library and Information Center Directory
TRB State Representatives TKN Presentation (July 2009)


RAC Position Brief on Transportation Knowledge Networks 
Statement in Support of the Development of a National Transportation Information Infrastructure

Research Needs

Accelerating Development of a Common DOT Language
Improving Access to Transportation Information 

TKN Task Force Resources

TKN TF Priority Activities for 2009
TKN Task Force Goal and Objectives