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Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

Peer Exchanges

Peer exchanges, as required under 23 CFR, Section 420.207(b) are a practical and effective tool to foster excellence in R&T program management. They provide an opportunity for participants to share best practices and management innovations through an open exchange of ideas, knowledge, and brainstorming. Both staff and management from the home State and a group of invited top-level State and Federal managers exchange information particularly relevant to the home State’s R&T program over 2 to 4 days. Many questions about peer exchanges can be found in the State Planning and Research Guide on Peer Exchanges (see Guidance Documents below).  

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Peer Exchange Reports

View reports of past peer exchanges. Please forward peer exchange reports for posting to the Website Administrator. A copy will be posted on the R&I/RAC website, a copy is sent to TRIS, and a copy is sent to the National Transportation Library for cataloguing and indexing.

Peer Exchange Topics

A list of possible topic categories was created to help with searchability of peer exchange reports. The list is not all-inclusive but includes some of the most common topic areas.

Guidance Documents

Best Practices for Peer Exchanges

How to Search the Peer Exchange Reports

FHWA’s SP&R Guide for Peer Exchanges

Peer Exchange Summary Form

Additional Guidance

FHWA Peer Exchange Training Program and Directive

2005 Revised Presentation–Peer Exchange.ppt

Documenting Peer Exchange Administrative Experiences

Peer Exchange: A Value-Added Management Tool

Peer Exchange Special Task Force Recommendations to FHWA

Peer Exchange Special Task Force Survey Results