Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

Peer Exchange Reports Topics

To assist with the categorization of the Peer Exchange Reports, we have developed the following list of possible topics for these reports.  The intent of creating these topic categories was to improve the findability of relevant reports within the Peer Exchange Reports database.  This list may not be all-inclusive, but its purpose is to provide a standardized way to group existing and future reports to facilitate information sharing among agencies involved in transportation research management.

1. Research Project and Program Management (Scope Note: Use this topic category if a peer exchange was general and covered the entire research program or where program and/or project management was specifically listed as an objective).

2. Alignment of the Research Function with Departmental Missions and Goals (Scope Note: Includes the concepts of policy research and strategic planning).

3. Research Staffing Needs, Capacity Building, and Skill Sets.

4. Research Collaboration and Partnerships (Scope Note: Includes research with UTCs, pooled fund projects, participation in national programs, and research funding strategies).

5. Optimizing the Value and Quality of Research (Scope Note: Includes development, solicitation, review, and prioritization of research ideas, forming advisory panels, project and contract management, dealing with principal investigators, quality of reporting).

6. Implementation/Deployment of Results/Technology Transfer.

7. Information and Knowledge Management (Scope Note: Includes libraries, information databases, Transportation Knowledge Networks).

8. Research Performance Measures and Communicating the Value of Research Projects and Programs (Scope Note: Includes both internal and external outreach and marketing).