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Pooled Fund Program Survey


This survey was conducted by Minnesota DOT in April 2006 to investigate how other states manage their Pooled Fund Program. Information was requested on the following topics:

Dissemination of solicitation notices
Research cycle (annual, quarterly, etc.)
Project tracking (manual, electronic * type of program/software used, etc.)
Financial tracking
Study approvals, i.e. approval process, who approves, etc.
Whether you have a dedicated TPF person
Are SP&R funds used for technology transfer? If so please provide a few examples
Are SP&R funds used for administrative activities such as peer exchanges, marketing, communication, materials testing, research seminars, etc.

Sue Lodahl, P.E.
Director of Research Services
First Floor North, MS 330
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155
United States
Phone: United States
E-Mail Address: sue.lodahl@dot.state.mn.us