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Pooled Fund Project Solicitations


This survey was conducted in December 2007. The information contained in the survey should prove useful to RAC members in understanding how others respond to pooled-fund project solicitations. States were asked the following questions:

(Q1) When do you make decisions regarding participation in new pooled-fund studies (e.g. upon solicitation, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)? If decisions are made on a predetermined schedule, please indicate the specific time(s) of year those decisions are made.

(Q2) How do you budget funds for new (unplanned) pooled-fund participation?

(Q3) Briefly describe the decision-making process for pooled-fund participation in your state, including any committees or other personnel who influence or control the decision.

(Q4) Once a decision has been made to participate in a new pooled-fund study, please describe any factors that control how quickly funds can be transferred to the lead state?

Of the states surveyed, 41 responded.

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