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Peer Exchange Availability 2016


Peer exchanges are a periodic research program requirement and is truly a great opportunity to learn and to share best practices. This is especially true for new members for both content and relationship development. Selecting and inviting peer exchange panel members is an art, and having a list of interested and available candidates should be helpful to all of us. Each year, RAC conducts a peer exchange survey to indicate interest and availability of peer exchange volunteers.

The peer exchange availability survey results will be posted on the RAC web site both in the survey results database, and on the peer exchange page. This will be an annual process, with two steps:

1. Complete the survey sent out by RAC to be included in the list. To be added after the closing of the survey, contact Maina Tran, Web Manager of the RAC site to request to be added to the list.

a. Share this with people who may be interested in, and valuable to, participating in RESEARCH peer exchanges (e.g., your staff, researchers, partner agencies).

2. Share this link with new members of our community throughout the year so they can be added.

Each year, we will resend the request and start the list over again since roles, interests and availability all change over time.

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