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Survey on Data Warehouses


Connecticut DOT (CTDOT) is interested in learning about development and marketing of an enterprise wide data warehouse. We have engaged on a series of multiple parallel and complementary efforts designed to follow the FHWA data integration model in our own customized way. Some States already have established a data warehouse, some are in the middle of the process and some are just starting out. We would love to learn what your State is doing or what you have done and maybe help each other along the way.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1.) Are you thinking about developing a data warehouse? If so, what types of functionality do you envision? What kinds of front end tools would you make available to users?

2.) In your efforts to integrate roadway, safety, and asset data, have you migrated your data to a warehouse or common platform for internal use? What sort of data query or analytical tools have you used?

3.) Have you made your data available, in any way, for public consumption? If so, how has it been formatted and made available for viewing and analytics?

4.) What kind of technical assistance would you like to see FHWA offer in the area of developing a data warehouse? Would a Peer Exchange program be helpful?

5.) Can we follow up with any additional questions? If so, please provide contact information.

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