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Construction Change Order Survey


Montana DOT (MDT) was interested in learning how different agencies handle change orders in construction contracts, particularly for design-build contracts.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. Does your agency have a position that deals with new project delivery methods (i.e. Innovative Contracting Engineer)?

2. Which of these contracting alternatives does your agency use to deliver projects? Please check all that apply.

--Design-Build (DB)
--Construction Manager, General Contractor (CM/GC)
--Design, Bid, Build (DBB)
--Job Order Contract (JOC)/ Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ)
--Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
--Design, Build, Operate, Maintain (DBOM) --Purchase Order (PO)
--Other (please specify)

3. Which of the below change order items do you require an itemized list of bid items? Please check all that apply.

--Administration Fees
--Quality Control, Quality Assurance (QC/QA)
--Outside Costs
--Engineering Services
--Project Management
--Safety Scheduling
--Other (please specify)

4. Does your agency handle Design-Build change orders in a unique way in regards to other change orders (i.e itemized traffic control for DB while lump sum for DBB)?

5. How does your agency handle the cost associated with the engineering services aspect of change orders on Design-Build contracts?

6. Does your agency have written change order guidance specific to Design Build?

7. Does your agency have any special change order provisions for different types of contracting? i.e. CM/GC, PPP, DBOM, etc...

8. Any questions, comments, or challenges you've encountered relating to change orders please include.

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