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Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

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Construction Program and Project Management Systems


Montana DOT is developing requirements to replace our construction program and project management system (PPMS). We are interested in knowing about any software solutions used to support the below four business functions (see modules listing below). Specifically, we are interested in responses to the following questions for each module.

• Name of the solution(s)?
• Who developed/supports the solution?
• Is the solution an Off-the-Shelf product or was it developed from scratch?
• How long have you had the solution?
• How well does the solution meet your needs?
• Does the solution integrate or interface with other applications (i.e. accounting, budgeting, human resources, FHWA)?
• Are you using the solution to track only FHWA projects or all projects?
• What system do you use to bill FHWA?
• What system do you use to track expenditures and payroll data for billing FHWA?
• Have you researched other solutions? What were the results?

PPMS Modules

Project Funding Module
• Fund Management
• Distribution
• Project Modifications
• Project Programming
• TCP (Tentative Construction Plan)
• Fund Plan

Project Planning Module
• Construction Phase
• Railroad/Utilities Phase
• ROW (Right of Way) Phase
• STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program)
• TIP (Transportation Improvement Program)
• Project Nomination
• Fund Plan Projects

Project Status/Letting Module
• Agreements
• Railroad/Utilities Tasks
• Environmental Tasks
• Planning Tasks
• ROW Tasks
• Other

Project/Program Management Module
• Estimates
• Program Management/Monitoring
• Project Management/Monitoring
• Work Zone Safety
• Contracts
• Project Modifications
• Project closures
• Agreements/Milestones

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