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Developing an Onboarding Online Module for New Employees


The Montana Department of Transportation would like your assistance in gathering information on what other states have developed in the area of an onboarding welcome online module for new employees. MDT will be creating video modules which will include a high level overview of state government, introduction to the MDT agency and introduction to divisions within the organization.

The information requested is listed below.

1. Cost: Online module built internally or contracted out?
2. Software: What software/application did you use to build it? Powerpoint, Proshow Producer, Articulate etc.
3. Informational Content: Do you have a script that was developed with key talking points that you would be willing to share?
4. Navigation: Are you providing the welcome message module and content through a learning management system?
5. Tracking: Is there a method to track the progress of the new employee (whether they watched and completed the module)?
6. Updates: Do you have a scheduled timeline for updates to the module?

Susan Sillick
Research Programs Manager
2701 Prospect Avenue
Helena, Montana 59620
United States
Phone: United States
E-Mail Address: ssillick@mt.gov