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Constructability Reviews


NCDOT Value Management is interested in learning more about constructability reviews for construction projects at other agencies. Please forward this survey to an appropriate contact. The results of this survey will inform a possible research topic idea.

Questions that were asked as part of this survey include the following:

Do you have a formal constructability review program?

If you do have a program is it:
--Managed by a specific office?
--Only guidelines for individual project managers to follow?
--Specify your own value:

If it is a specific office or business unit, please specify:
--Please provide a link for any documents or guidelines that are available. If these are not available on the web, please email any manuals to Clare Griffith - cfgriffith@ncdot.gov .

What criteria are used to determine if a project is selected for constructability review? (For instance minimum project cost, urban locations etc)

How are the studies conducted? (Check all that apply)
--Day-long or shorter studies
--Longer studies
--A site visit is usually included
--Agenda topics are standardized
--Agenda topics are unique to each study

Who facilitates constructability reviews? (for example, a particular office or the PM of a given project)

What information is gathered before the meeting?

Once the constructability review is complete, how are the recommendations used? (check all that apply)
--Shared with project mangers
--Formal report is issued
--Follow-up on after results are provided
--Specify your own value:

Please add any additional comments you may have.

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