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State DOT Publication Editor Contact Information


The Missouri DOT would like to identify who the publication editors are from other state DOTs. Can you let us know the contact information for whoever is responsible for editing or publishing your research reports?

The AASHTO RAC CCTF TKN Working Group is partnering with other groups to offer document accessibility training and we want to make sure the editors are invited. This would open up the possibility in the future to schedule a call with fellow editors to share best practices.

Our Research Section has been working on developing new research publications guidelines. During this process, we made a list of links for state DOT, regional UTC, FHWA and TRB research report guidelines, standards and templates. This compilation is now available on the RPPM website and might be useful to others looking for example documentation or templates.

Publication editor contact information is included in the List of State DOT Research Report Guidelines, Templates & Publication Contacts that can be found at the following URL:


Jen Harper
Research Engineer
105 W. Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
United States
Phone: United States
E-Mail Address: jennifer.harper@modot.mo.gov