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Library Survey for Proposed Pooled Fund Study on Transportation Library Connectivity


The following questions were asked as part of a survey conducted by Oklahoma DOT regarding a proposed Transportation Pooled Fund study about transportation library connectivity:

Q1: Are you (or your state) in favor of a new pooled fund study for transportation library connectivity? NOTE: Responding positively does not mean that you are committing to join. We are only trying to determine a level of interest.
1. Both the library staff and the state would support a new study.
2. The library staff is in favor of a new study, but state support is lacking.
3. The state has indicated support, but the library staff is not in favor of a new study.
4. No.
5. Other (please explain below):

Q2: What should be the major theme or focus of the next pooled fund? Some ideas are listed below.
1. Collaboration
2. Data management
3. Digitization and electronic access
4. Open access publications/issues
5. Reshaping transportation research libraries (new models/roles)
6. Other (please explain below):

Q3: On a LIBRARY level, what specific issues or projects would you like the next pooled fund to address or be engaged in?
1. Pay OCLC subscriptions for eligible members
2. Support for professional development opportunities (e.g. for travel to or participation in a conference or workshop)
3. Technical guidance to eligible members
4. Training and reskilling library staff
5. Other (please explain below):

Q4: On a GROUP level, what specific issues or projects would you like the next pooled fund to address or be engaged in?
1. Annual pooled fund meeting
2. Discounted pricing for online databases (e.g., ASCE Digital Library)
3. Group purchase of cataloging tools (Library of Congress; RDA Toolkit)
4. Group purchase of networking/communication tools (e.g., Springhsare’s LibGuides)
5. Cooperative cataloging to expand access to transportation resources
6. Digitization support for conversion of print materials
7. Engage in collaborative initiatives with other stakeholder organizations such as AASHTO, RAC, TKN Working Group. NTL, etc.
8. Involvement in data curation/data management activities.
9. TKN support (financial, technical, logistical)
10. Other (please explain below):

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