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Maintenance Management Systems


Connecticut DOT is working to update the work order and asset tracking system for maintenance activities and looking for guidance from other states. Montana DOT conducted a similar survey about maintenance management in March 2014. In the original survey, quite a few states had mentioned about issues with their current vendors and/or were in the process of putting out RFPs for new vendors. The updated information from this survey will be very helpful to CTDOT. We are also interested in finding out if you have or are thinking about integrating your system with GIS.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. What system(s) do you have in place to manage your work orders and asset tracking related to maintenance activities?
2. Was this system(s) purchased through a vendor or developed in-house?
3. If purchased from a vendor:
Please provide the vendor(s) you are using?
4. Please briefly describe your experience with the vendor?
5. At a high level, what functionality did the vendor provide as “core system functionality” in their product? (Mobile support, integration with GIS, etc.)
6. Have you integrated or thought of integrating work orders and asset tracking system with an agency-wide database?
7. What was the time to implement/what was the implementation strategy (phase approach, all at once)?
8. What is the hosting solution? (Vendor hosted, client hosted, cloud hosting etc.)
9. Do you have any lessons learned you would like to share with CTDOT?
10. In the last five years, have you issued or are you currently issuing, an RFI or RFP to implement one or more new maintenance systems to support your Transportation Department? If so and you would you be willing to share your RFI or RFP with the Connecticut Department of Transportation, please attach a copy with your response?
11. Can we follow up with any additional questions? If so, please provide contact information.

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