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State Planning and Research (SPR) Program Information Solution Survey


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is seeking information about the software systems or tools of other state DOTs utilized to manage their State Planning and Research (SPR) Program. We are interested in learning about Commercial/Modifiable Off-The-Shelf (C/MOTS) or in-house developed products that can be implemented to manage or assist with managing the business processes related to the SPR Program that also offer portfolio management capabilities.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

--What software application(s) does your agency use to manage your SPR Work Program? i.e. Application/Tools

--If a software program is used, is it a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or homegrown system?

--Is the software or tool customizable?

--How many years has your agency used the software program(s) to manage your SPR Work Program?

--Does the software allow for strategic decision-making during the project selection process?

--Does the software allow for collective management and analysis of current and/or proposed projects?

--Is the software capable of resource assignment and management?

--Does your department utilize a multi-tiered approach to prioritizing and selecting projects i.e. peer or stakeholder review and ranking?

--Briefly Describe: Process

--Does the software provide for budget planning and management across planning years?

--If known, on what platform does the system reside?

--What features are included?

--Can we contact you for more information regarding the information provided?

Wade Odell
Research Project Manager
118 E. Riverside Dr.
Austin, Texas 78704
United States
Phone: United States
E-Mail Address: wade.odell@txdot.gov