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Staffing for Facility Replacement and Renovation Design Projects


The Maryland State Highway Administration utilizes in-house consultant design project managers to manage our building design projects for facility replacements, renovations and equipment and system replacements such as HVAC and roofs. They coordinate projects with other offices, keep the projects moving on schedule, perform design reviews, manage scope creep and other similar duties as we do not have sufficient state resources to perform these functions. We would like to know if other states are using consultants in a similar role and how compensation is determined.

The following questions were asked of the individual in each state DOT's organization that manages facility (building) designs:

Do you utilize in-house consultant design project managers or similar as described above?

If so, do you have a compensation range that you agree to pay?

If so, do you have a process for determining compensation and/or modification of compensation after 6 months?

Who may we contact for more information on your process and compensation ranges?

Allison Hardt
Deputy Director
707 N. Calvert St., C-412
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
United States
Phone: United States
E-Mail Address: AHardt@mdot.maryland.gov