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Adoption of Pothole Patcher with Spray Injection


Caltrans would like to identify organizations that have adopted pothole patcher with spray injection into their fleet to learn from their experience. Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. Contact Information

2. Is your organization using or will be using a spray injection pothole repair equipment?

3. What type of spray injection pothole repair equipment?

4. How long has the equipment been a part of your equipment fleet?

5. Please rate the following statements to the best of your knowledge.
--The equipment meets my needs.
--The equipment is safe to operate.
--The equipment is easy to operate.
--The equipment is functioning properly.
--The equipment performs for the use intended.
--The equipment controls are conveniently located.
--The equipment is easy to repair.
--The repair parts are available.
--Specialized repair training was provided if needed.
--Repair manuals are readily available.
--I would order equipment like this again in the future.

6. What are your likes of this equipment?

7. What are your dislikes of this equipment?

8. Which roadway construction material is the equipment used on?

9. How would you classify the area the equipment is used?

10. Is spray patching the preferred method of pothole repair?

11. Because you answered "No" to question 10, please specify the preferred pothole repair equipment or technique.

12. If you have suspended the use of spray patching equipment, please explain why.

13. Has using spray patching equipment increased safety of maintenance workers?

14. On average how long do the pothole patches/repairs last?

15. Have you had to make any modifications to the equipment to increase its productivity?

16. Please explain the modifications.

Pete Zaniewski
Senior Engineer
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