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Utilizing Vehicle and Equipment Wash Racks


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is investigating the prospect of utilizing commercially available, prefabricated, above-ground wash rack systems in their highway maintenance station facilities. The advertised advantages of these modular systems include expediting the engineering, permitting and installation processes; enhancing operational performance; environmental compliance; and reduction in life cycle costs. Caltrans is soliciting information from agencies with information or experience with the implementation of commercially available, prefabricated, above-ground wash rack systems utilized in related applications. Your input on this survey will assist Caltrans in preparing a research Preliminary Investigation entitled “Review of Prefabricated Wash Rack Systems” and is greatly appreciated.

1) Does your agency utilize commercially available, above-ground, prefabricated vehicle and equipment wash rack systems in your facilities or worksites? If so, please describe the make and model of the systems used.

2) Does your agency purchase the modular containment pads separately, or as complete wash rack systems from the manufacturer including an associated modular filtering system(s)? If so, please describe the type and make of the treatment systems used.

3) Does your agency also utilize more advanced optional features on these wash rack systems such as: integrated overspray walls, mud conveyor, covers, heated water, pressurized water blast, and/or fixed in-place spray bars? If so, please identify which.

4) What is your agency’s average cost of the procurement and installation of your commercially available, prefabricated, above-ground wash rack systems?

5) What factors does your agency consider when deciding whether to design a custom wash rack or procure a commercially available wash rack system? To what degree are environmental requirements/permitting a deciding factor in this process?

6) If you feel your agency has more information to offer on this subject, please provide contact information to allow a follow-up discussion.

7) Please provide any other information or feedback that you believe may be of value for this research.

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