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Flood Event Innovations


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has recently dealt with some major flooding events and we are looking for ways to improve during future events.

During a recent event approximately 1.5 - 2 miles of barrier was placed using approximately 25,000 sandbags. A “sand berm” which was a windrow pile of sand wrapped in plastic was also tried. We would like to know if your state has tried anything similar or if you have had success with longline sandbagging.

Please forward this survey to the appropriate subject matter expert in your agency.

1. What have you used to prevent flooding in long flat areas on major highways? (For example: longline sandbagging or specific products such as BigBags, Portadam, WaterGate, NOAQ Boxwall, Floodstop, etc.)
(Please describe your experience and indicate whether these methods/products were effective.)

2. Has your state used any methods to block large culverts (48+ inches) to protect the interstate? (For example: flap gates, hydraulic or mechanical sluice gates, culvert plugs, culvert pillows etc.)

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