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State DOT Traffic Count Program


MassDOT is looking into streamlining and strengthening its traffic count program, and would like to know what other states are doing to collect traffic counts data, including what kind of count collection cycle others adhere to and what vendors states contract with to process the raw data (if this is not done in-house). This survey reflects the information we would like to gather.

This survey should be completed by a member of your organization who has a strong knowledge of your state’s traffic count program.

We would appreciate your response to the following questions, which we have loaded into MassDOT’s Qualtrics survey platform; Qualtrics also allows documents to be attached to survey responses, in case there are resources that would be useful for us to see. The survey question are listed below for your preview only.

1. Can you briefly describe (including discrete steps if applicable) how traffic counts are collected, processed, and prepared for HPMS submission in your state?

2. What is your state's "cycle" or "timeline" with respect to collecting actual counts (rather than estimating data)?

3. Do you use a vendor for processing raw counts?

a. If so, what is the name of the vendor you use?

b. If so, what has your experience been with this vendor? Please describe positive or negative experiences.

4. Have you restructured the traffic counts data collection and analysis process within the past 10 years?

a. If so, when?

5. What do you feel the strengths of your traffic counts data collection program are?.

6. What do you feel the weaknesses of your traffic counts data collection program are?

7. Can you please estimate percentages of the total statewide counts that rely on different devices to collect the data, i.e. tubes versus permanent counters versus toll/gantry information?

8. Have you found that your counts under or over-sample different classes of roadways?

a. If so, please explain if and how you account for under or over-sampling.

The responses to the open-ended survey questions from these 24 states are available in the attached document. Below is a brief summary of the vendors used by 17 of the 24 states:

--17/24 states use vendors to process counts
--5 states use MS2, 1 is converting to MS2 in early 2020
--3 states use High Desert/Jackalope
--2 states use Transmetric
--2 states use Miovision

Other vendors include:

--Unnamed consultants
--Southern Traffic Service
--The Traffic Group
--Most states are relying primarily on tube counters although some are using Weigh In Motion counters and others are relying more heavily on radar.

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