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E-Manifest of Hazardous Bridge Paint Waste


Please forward the survey below to State DOT Construction and Environmental Engineers.

State DOT Engineers, inspectors and bridge painting contractors are faced with the challenge of removing hazardous paint materials from bridges and complying with hazardous waste manifest requirements. USEPA has recently developed and is currently implementing a new electronic process for manifesting or tracking hazardous waste (e-manifest). It is unclear to NYSDOT how this new process will work in association with annual bridge painting work that involves multiple generator sites, contractors, waste haulers and construction inspection staff. We would like to learn more about State DOT experience with the new e-manifest system.

The survey questions are listed below. We welcome multiple responses from each state DOT.

Questions in Survey:

1) Has your State DOT started using the new USEPA e-manifest system for manifesting lead paint waste in bridge painting projects?

2) Has your State DOT developed any internal guidance that has been developed for their construction staff to follow in association with this new electronic manifesting system?

3) If yes, what guidance was provided to construction staff regarding the new USEPA e-manifesting system?

4) May we follow-up with additional questions? If yes, please provide contact information.

Ryan Lund
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E-Mail Address: Ryan.Lund@dot.ny.gov