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Utility Relocation Cost Survey


The State of Alaska has been paying for utility relocations in our ROW during improvement projects. While this policy made sense in the state’s infancy, utility relocation costs are increasing and becoming a greater percentage of our Federal aid highway program.

We are gathering information and are interested in what other states are doing.

Do you allow public and private utilities within your right of way? If you answer yes, please continue with the survey.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1) How do you permit/manage Private utilities within your right of way? Please provide copies of applicable policy, permits or regulations.

2) How do you permit/manage public utilities within your right of way?

3) Do you charge rent or a one-time fee for use of ROW? If so please include fee structure.

4) For road improvement projects that affect utilities, who pays for the relocations and is it done before or during the improvement project?

5) How do utilities provide locations to the state DOT? What specific technologies are used?

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