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Wildfire Emergency Plans


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is seeking information from other transportation organizations regarding how they respond to issues surrounding wildfires emergencies. California has faced a significant increase in wildfires over the last decade and would like to learn about other State's best practices in specific areas.

1. Does your state deal with wildfire often enough to constitute a Wildfire Emergency Plan? (Yes/No) (If your answer is "No", please skip the entire survey and submit your response.)

2. Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) – When public utility agencies voluntarily shut off power to proactively avoid potential wildfire danger in red flag areas, has your state experienced a similar situation with vulnerable infrastructure? (Yes/No)

If yes, any experience with traffic signaling devices or other innovation techniques, such as using reflective tape on signals?

Any experience using generators to support needs in tunnels and tubes (fire/lights/ventilation/water pressure) or other pumps that may need power?

3. Has your state experienced impacts to DOT personnel due to participation in wildfire emergency operations? How do you deal with fatigued staff (maintenance, emergency operations, construction, environmental, public information) during long wildfire events?

4. Does your state have any policies, procedures, or protocols that pertain to lane closures during these wildfire emergency evacuation events? (Yes/No)

5. How does your state engage transit and rail providers to support wildfire emergency evacuations?

6. Does your state have any formal or innovative wildfire emergency alert system(s) to targeted evacuated areas? (Yes/No)

If yes, what are those system(s)?

7. Has your state researched any topics pertaining to wildfire prevention, evacuation or infrastructure management? (Yes/No)

If yes, what are the topics?

8. Does your state have separate wildfire emergency plans for rural, suburban, and urban areas with/without public transit infrastructures? (Yes/No)

If your agency has policies, procedures, or protocols and/or best practices for dealing with these kinds of issues, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Additionally, if there is a team or person within your agency we could contact for follow-up, please provide contact information below:

• Full Name:
• Agency:
• Email Address:
• Phone Number:

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