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Report Quality and Timeliness


This survey is the result of a joint effort between Missouri DOT and Wyoming DOT to learn more about other states' best practices in ensuring the quality and timeliness of research reports.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. How do you measure the timeliness of deliverables from research projects?
2. How do you handle time extensions?
3. What quality measures do you have in place, this includes but is not limited to progress reports and how do you determine whether the quality of the deliverables meets what is set out in the proposals?
4. How do you determine whether projects are meeting project milestones?
5. Do you implement corrective action plans to enforce quality and timeliness, and what corrective actions plans do you use?
6. Do you have quality guidelines or a checklist for final reports?

Jennifer Harper
Research Administrative Engineer
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