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Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Policies


Please forward this brief survey to your asset management office or others with responsibility for your agency's Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Policy.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is looking for information from other state DOTs in reference to TAM policies. TAM guidelines have set principles that establish the values of the agency. One of these principles is that TAM should be policy-driven. UDOT is working on a new TAM Policy for our agency, and we would appreciate seeing your agencies' examples of what a TAM Policy should look like. Note that a TAM Policy is different from a TAM Plan (TAMP), although one may reference the other.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. Does your agency have a Policy on TAM?

2. Would you be willing to attach a copy of or share a link of such Policy?

3. Do you have a point of contact that UDOT could reach out to if we have questions regarding the development of your agency's TAM Policy?

David Stevens
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