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Shared Encroachment Permit System with Local Governments


Please forward this brief survey to your Permits office personnel or others in your agency with responsibility for encroachment permits. An encroachment permit allows certain time-limited construction, installation, maintenance, or repair-related activities to take place within the agency's right-of-way. These permits may also be known as utility-related permits and occupancy permits.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is seeking information on your state DOT's experience, as our leadership is considering partnering with local governments on a shared system for application and processing of encroachment permits. A shared encroachment permit system could become beneficial to the public by reducing the number of agency systems required to interact with to obtain encroachment permits. In this scenario the state DOT or local government with jurisdiction for a given right-of-way affected by the proposed encroachment would still handle the application review and issuing of an encroachment permit for that area.

The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. Does your state DOT use or plan to use a Shared Encroachment Permit System for the state DOT and local governments in your state? If yes, please explain. (These could also be utility-related permits and occupancy permits.)

2. Has your state consolidated a permitting program with a local government? For example, reduced two separate agency permits into a single permit. If yes, please explain.

3. What is the contact information for the person in your state DOT with whom we may follow up to learn more?

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