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Management Support Contracts


District of Columbia DOT is preparing to solicit the next round of their university support contract. The purpose of this survey was to determine other state DOTs' practices regarding management support contracts. The following question was asked as part of this survey: Does anyone who has any sort of program/management support contract with a university have an RFP or RFQ for that support that you could share, ideally with how you handled the pricing component?

The focus of this survey was not project-specific contracts, but rather contracts/agreements that support the program’s operations (to include managing research tasks or other universities conducting research on the DOT's behalf). Washington, D.C.'s situation is a bit unique because they do not really have a state university, so their agreement is not intergovernmental.

Thirteen states responded to this survey indicating that they had some form of a management support contract, and many states provided examples of RFPs and/or agreements. The responses are summarized in the spreadsheet. Examples are included in the attached files.

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