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Expedited Process for Developing Specifications on New Products


Minnesota DOT maintains an Approved/Qualified Products List (APL/QPL) that prescribes the materials, products and engineered systems that can be used on MnDOT-owned properties. Use of this list ensures products comply with federal and state regulations, and meet MnDOT’s standards for quality, efficiency and performance. The process of approving new and innovative products is managed by subject matter experts, who are assigned the responsibilities for certification, decertification and recertification according to their area of expertise.

To inform possible enhancements to its approval process, MnDOT sought information about the specific policies, processes and requirements that govern other states’ product approval programs. Specifically, MnDOT hoped to learn:

--What processes other state departments of transportation (DOTs) use to procure new technologies, processes, materials and products; create specifications; and determine performance requirements.

--What role external organizations in industry and academia play in these processes.

--What role research implementation plays in this process.

This Transportation Research Synthesis presents the findings of a survey sent to all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Also presented are the results of follow-up consultations with a selected group of these agencies.

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