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Energy/Utility Management at State DOTs


The purpose of this survey was to gather information about energy/utility management at other state DOTs. The Texas Department (TxDOT) of Transportation has been working for the past year on a department-wide initiative to improve energy and utility management. TxDOT wants to explore the way others within the state and beyond handle the process. The following questions were asked as part of this survey:

1. Do you have a statewide/agency-wide database or electronic location with all of your meter information?

If yes:

--Can you share any IT development docs or RFP’s used to develop/purchase this system?

--Is it used by field staff or others to locate meters?

--Does it include usage data (which can be used for invoice verification)?

--Do your financial folks use it then?

2. Does your Agency have any energy management team/program?

If yes:

--Where does that team report organizationally?

--What roles do they perform (only facilities-related or looking at utility management on roadways assets as well)?

--Do you have any job descriptions for team members?

Thank you for your time and insight.

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