Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery


Surveys can be an important tool for RAC members to solicit information from other state DOT representatives regarding best practices, policies, specifications, etc. Follow the “R&I/RAC member guidelines for conducting surveys that can be sent out to the AASHTO-RAC listserv. Surveys Pending Results Image​​

Librarians (or others without direct access to the RAC listserv) may also initiate surveys via the TRANLIB listserv on behalf of requesters within their agencies who are seeking input or feedback on best practices from other agencies. These surveys can now be submitted for posting to the R&I/RAC website’s survey results page.  Follow the “TRANLIB guidelines” for conducting surveys using the TRANLIB listserv and getting the results posted on the R&I/RAC website.

We encourage all members to participate in the surveys where applicable. For those conducting surveys, we appreciate your time in providing us with the results so that others can also benefit from the information. When submitting survey results, please include the topic(s)​ that the survey falls under. 

Survey results are only posted in the database when the data is provided to us. A “how to search” guide is provided for those needing assistance.