Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

RAC Coordination and Collaboration Task Force (CCTF)​

​This task force will actively support, monitor, and develop methods, practices, and tools that allow for better coordination and collaboration of research efforts to improve information exchange, avoid duplication of efforts, and influence a coordinated national research agenda.​  This task force oversees the Transportation Knowledge Networks (TKN) Working Group.

For an up-to-date meeting schedule or meeting documents, please visit the Research Program and Project Management (RPPM) website. You must be a registered user in order to post content on the calendar.​​


Active and Ongoing Projects

  1. RPPM (http://rppm.transportation.org/Pages/default.aspx)
     a. Reviewing meta data and content
     b. Push out; market
  2.  Unfunded Research Needs Statements Portal (https://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=006511338351663161139:vblegi9v2au&hl=en)
     a. Need to add more content
     b. Push out; market
  3. Funding Guidebook (http://www.trb.org/ResearchFunding/ResearchFunding.aspx)
    a. Continual maintenance
    b. Continual marketing
  4. Transportation Resources Webinar
  5. Transportation Knowledge Networks
    a. Research report management
    b. Open access to research data
    c. Interactive calendars
    d. Information needs for research management

Note: The RAC Task Force on coordination and collaboration in transportation research is working with the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB’s) Conduct of Research (COR) coordination and collaboration committee to achieve similar outcomes with a broader reach than either committee alone.