Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

RAC Program Management and Quality Task Force (PM&Q)​

This task force actively monitors, supports, and encourages methods and practices designed to improve the management and quality of transportation research programs. This includes determining practices that support and enhance the identification and development of research needs by RAC and other AASHTO Committees; facilitating the dissemination and exchange of program management information and experiences among RAC members; promoting practices that enhance identifying quality indicators to RAC leadership; and serving as an advocate for the use and continued improvement of research management tools.

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Program Management and Quality Task Force Action Plan

Task Force Working Groups:

1. Research Implementation

Goal: To identify and disseminate best practices in research implementation and provide continuous liaison with other groups conducting related and overlapping activities.
Lead: Hafiz Munir and Joe Crabtree.
Current focus: Develop recommendations for improving the online presence of this subgroup and the availability of related information.

2. Program Management Tools

Goal: To identify and disseminate best practices in research program manage tools
Lead: Tommy Nantung
Current focus: Conduct webinar on Research Program and Project Management (RPPM) websites.

3. Personnel/Administration

Goal: Identify and disseminate recommendations from the Peer Exchange and Staffing Level projects, and support the Ahead of the Curve training program.
Lead: David Jared (to be changed)
Current focus: Recommendations to FHWA on updates to its policy on research peer exchanges for state DOT’s.

4. Quality and Timeliness of Research Deliverables

Goal: Collecting and share information on improving quality and timeliness of deliverables.
Lead: Jen Harper, Binh Bui, and Enid White
Current focus: Gather information from each RAC region on how they measure the timeliness of deliverables and how they handle time extensions.

5. Research Performance Measures (RPM)

Goal: To monitor RPM efforts and promote best practices as appropriate.
Lead: Emily Parkany
Current focus: Identifying effective program and/or project performance measures and promoting best practices.


Monitoring Activities

1. Intellectual Property (IP)

Goal: Monitor IP and copyright laws and updates, and collect State DOT practices related to IP
Lead: Enid White

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