Special Committee on Research and Innovation

AASHTO Liaison
Glenn Page, Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

More Benefits of RAC Membership

A number of resources are available through the RAC/SCOR website. These include:

  • A formal Mentoring Program for new RAC members to help them understand RAC roles, responsibilities, resources, and activities.
  • Lists of contacts in other agencies and organizations you may need.
  • A map with links to information about the research in all state DOTs.
  • Information about the TRB cooperative research programs in highways, transit, airports, behavioral traffic safety, and freight. In particular, the NCHRP is AASHTO’s research program and was developed to address the day to day research needs of state transportation departments.
  • RAC membership allows you to help steer the nation’s research agenda through participation in national research programs such as the NCHRP. You can submit problem statements, provide review comments and rankings on all problem statements submitted, and serve on project panels to help guide the work.
  • Knowing what to do when – a model calendar for transportation research managers.
  • Many RAC members use the listserv frequently to survey the current state of practice in a given subject area.  The results will be posted on the website for others to benefit.
  • ​During a peer exchange, you and your staff will convene a meeting with peers to exchange ideas on topics selected by the host. At least every 5 years, a peer exchange is required by federal legislation and provides a valuable tool for a state to evaluate improve the quality and effectiveness of its research management processes.
  • Network and meet new colleagues through various opportunities such as attending annual meetings, participating in the mentoring program, and volunteering on task forces.