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A Regional RAC is organized in each of the four AASHTO regions. Membership in the Regional RACs is automatic, and is based on the state’s location in one of the AASHTO Regions. The official National RAC member is the designated Regional RAC member. Membership or associate membership is also granted to FHWA Regional Research and Technology Engineers/Program Managers and FHWA Division Engineers located in the FHWA regions and states covered by the AASHTO region. In RAC AASHTO Region I (RAC I) provinces of Canada are granted affiliate membership. Regional RACs support or sponsor most of the operational activities of the whole RAC organization, and in most instances Regional RACs are the vehicle to accomplish any items on a National RAC agenda.

AASHTO Regional Map


Each Regional RAC has a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary. The general duties are described in the following sections.


The Chairperson is determined by the Regional RACs and serves a two-year term. The Chairperson presides over the activities of the region and represents the Regional RAC before the National RAC and R&I, and performs various other duties consistent with the position.  The Regional Chair Checklist is a good resource for the Chairperson. It provides guidance on what to do when a new RAC member is appointed in the region

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson is determined by the Regional RACs and serves a two-year term.  Upon completion of the Chairperson’s term, the Vice Chairperson typically assumes the role of Chairperson.  The specific duties of the Vice Chairperson are determined by the Regional RAC.  In general, they assist the Chairperson and preside over meetings in the Chairperson’s absence. The Vice Chairperson assumes the roles and responsibilities of the Chair if the Chair is unable to complete his/her term.


The Secretary is determined by the Regional RAC.  The Secretary is generally a RAC member from the region but an FHWA Regional Research and Technology Engineer/Program Manager may also be selected to serve in this role.  Secretaries are charged with recording and reporting business matters which come before the Regional RACs, along with other similar duties. Secretaries serve a term determined by each Regional RAC.


Each Regional RAC Chairperson has the authority to appoint subcommittees to accomplish the activities of the committee.


Each Member Department of the Regional RACs has one vote. FHWA Associate Members do not have voting rights. Votes may be exercised by written proxy.


The Regional RACs meet regularly via conference call or web meeting; meeting notes can be viewed on​ the Meetings page​. The schedule for these meetings is posted on the Research Program and Project Management (RPPM​) website.  The Regional RACs also host the annual summer national RAC meeting on a rotating schedule.


Regional RACs have authority to bring forth resolutions for review and referral to the National RAC and R&I. Members also have the privilege of drafting resolutions for presentation to the appropriate committees. Draft resolutions are offered during the annual meeting or by separate written submission.


Each Regional RAC has adopted a set of Bylaws or Operating Guidelines.

RAC Region 1 (Revised November 1, 2018)

RAC Region 2 (Revised January 2019) 

RAC Region 3 (Revised November 2016)  

RAC Region 4 (Revised February 2020)