2019 Sweet Sixteen
High Value Research Projects

The Value of Research Task Force is pleased to announce this year’s selections for the “Sweet Sixteen.”    ​​States selected with a Sweet Sixteen award were invited to give a poster session presentation at the Sweet Sixteen session at the 2019 AASHTO RAC/TRB Representative Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico​. 


REGION 1 Connecticut DOT Pedestrian Safety Guide
Massachusetts DOT Performance of Adhesive and Cementitious Anchoring Systems
New Jersey DOT New Protocol for Accepting Over-Coating Paint on Steel
Vermont Agency of Transportation VTrans Employee Retention and Knowledge Management Study
​​​​REGION 2 Arkansas DOT Mapping Subsurface Conditions for Transportation Applications
Florida DOT Development of Wrong-Way Driving (WWD) Countermeasure Implementation Plan
Georgia DOT Human Resource (HR) Data Tool: Modular System for Supporting Transportation-HR Planning and Decision Making
South Carolina DOT Implementation of the U.S. Geological Survey’s StreamStats Application for SCDOT
​REGION 3 Illinois DOT Ultrasonic Imaging for Concrete Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Quality Assurance
Kansas DOT Development of a Load Distribution Program for Design and Load Rating of Buried Culverts and Pipes
Minnesota DOT Affordable Bridge Girder End Repair Method Restores Concrete Beams to Original Strength
Missouri DOT Impact of Missouri’s Public Ports
​REGION 4 Idaho DOT Effectiveness of High-Early Strength Concrete as a Cost-Effective Alternative for Connection of Precast Elements in Accelerated Bridge Construction
New Mexico DOT Free Energy Solar Highway Program
Texas DOT Exploring Rapid Repair Methods for Embankment Slope Failure
Utah DOT Simplified SPT Performance-based Assessment of Liquefaction and Effects